Bring some fun and playfulness into life as you explore core elements of wellbeing, and learn new techniques to prevent burnout.

Express your Creativity as you take care of your needs

"I have worked as an expressive art facilitator for 5 years, and love to guide people as they use mediums such as art and writing to gain self-awareness, explore new cognitive strategies, and enhance wellbeing. Expressive arts can be a powerful tool as we strive for a meaningful, sustainable, and fulfilling life."
Dr Amy Imms

You will come away with...

calming techniques

You will learn simple techniques you can use to calm your mind and enjoy moments in your day without worrying and thinking about work, the kids, and the stresses of life.


You will learn more about yourself, and how life came to be how it is, as well as exactly what it is you would like to see in your future so that you feel that life is meaningful and fulfilling.


You will utilise expressive arts techniques to grow in your capacity to show kindness and compassion towards yourself, so that you can live life with less guilt and more love.

purposeful direction

You will gain clarity about the core things in life which are most important to you, and that will guide your decisions and your future direction moving forward.

grow your creative toolkit

  • This program is fully online, delivered through The Burnout Project members portal.
  • It is completely self-paced, so you can work your way through the modules at your own rate, with videos and text to guide you.
  • No access to social media is required. 
  • You have lifetime access*, so you can take your time and explore creatively when it suits you. 
  • PDF downloads are available for all lessons, so you can print or save for your own reference.

* Lifetime access = access as long as this platform is available. I endeavour to provide at least 12 months notice in the event that The Burnout Project ceases these services, unless this is not possible due to extenuating circumstances.