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overcoming imposter syndrome

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Medical doctor, burnout counsellor, author of 'Burnout: your first ten steps', founder of The Burnout project, and mother of five

"I've experienced imposter syndrome many times throughout my life, but I only truly recognised it when I experienced burnout. The majority of my burnout counselling clients also struggle with imposter syndrome, and it holds them back in so many areas of life. I'm always so excited when clients make a break-through, and their thinking around themselves and their place in the world shifts. I've seen in my own life the freedom that comes with those cognitive shifts. I can't wait to share with you the strategies I've used with myself and my clients over the years, and for you to experience that freedom for yourself." - Amy

imposter syndrome can be crippling

Do you find yourself thinking things like "Everyone's better than me" "If I say something I'll look stupid" "Someone's going to realise I don't actually know what I'm doing" "Why do I always make mistakes?" "Why is it me who's so slow?" "I'll never get the job when I'm up against these other candidates" These thoughts can have such power of us: over the way we feel, the way we act in response to those feelings, the way we communicate, the way we stand up for ourselves and others, the opportunities we take, and so much more. These thoughts, these fleeting electrical signals between our brain cells, have such vast ripples of effect throughout work and life.

remove the power

Whether you've lived with these thoughts for years, decades, or only a few months, there are solid strategies you can use to take the power out of them. These thoughts don't have to control you. They don't have to hold you back. They don't have to shatter your confidence. Even when these thoughts come up (they inevitably do, at some point, for everyone), you can have freedom from them.

I'll guide you, step by step

This self-paced online course will take you through the ASSURED model to manage imposter syndrome, in a very concise way. I know you're busy and exhausted, so there are short lessons which you can often complete in just a few minutes. They're highly practical, so that you can implement real strategies straight away, and begin to see the changes happen. The only way those changes will happen is by actually doing the work, and trying out the techniques I teach you. So, I recommend completing the program over 4-6 weeks, so that you have plenty of time to implement each module before you continue.

Can you find 20-30 minutes a week?

Can you afford to NOT find 20-30 minutes a week, and NOT address your imposter syndrome? How much do you have to lose if you're still struggling with these problems a year from now? 10 years from now? If you can take the power out of imposter syndrome, and get freedom from those thoughts, what would you look forward to a year from now? Imagine what you can achieve in a decade, without those thoughts bringing you down, and holding you back. And now ask yourself, is it worth finding a few minutes now to do something about it?

Imagine a life without imposter syndrome...


Feel more confident as you shift your view on yourself and your relationship to others, and can fully recognise your own achievements and success.


As your inner-critic loses its power over your actions, enjoy the freedom to grasp hold of the opportunities and interactions you've been avoiding.


Find an inner peace and comfort as you detach from unrealistic expectations and self-judgement. Develop a new relationship with yourself, including all your strengths and talents as well as your challenges and shortcomings, with a response of gentleness, patience, and understanding.


When you're no longer controlled by persistent imposter beliefs, you expand your capacity to utilise your skills, speak up when you want to, advocate for yourself, progress your career in the ways you really want to, and enjoy your time away from work in a way that is truly relaxing and refreshing.

Imposter syndrome is very common, and isn't a reflection of your own inadequacy or incompetence. Most people who experience it are actually very capable and have huge potential. I look forward to sharing with you strategies that can reduce it's impact upon you, so that you can use your talents and skills to their fullest potential!
Dr Amy Imms
Founder of The Burnout Project

I highly recommend completing this program alongside some more personalised support, through individual burnout counselling, or through a group support program.

Having the right information is only the first part of overcoming burnout. Unless it is put into action, changes just don’t happen. Putting things into action is easier said than done. You’re busy, exhausted, and life already feels overwhelming. Having someone working alongside you will help you to plan specific ways you can incorporate strategies in a sustainable way, and make the changes you need.

Inner Confidence: overcoming imposter syndrome

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can begin this program any time! The program is self-paced, and you can email me any time if needed. A new module will be unlocked each week, so that you have time to actually implement each step. Rushing through will only be counterproductive!

This program is delivered entirely online. Every 5 days you will be given access the the next module (this is to slow you down a bit and give you time to actually complete the steps!). Each module will have videos and written material, and PDF downloads to guide you through the information and help you apply it to your own life.

I know you’re busy and exhausted, so I’ve carefully selected the content to maximise your results in a time-efficient way. You’ll only need 20-30 minutes each week to complete the content. This is at your own pace, and you can break it up into small snippets of time if you need to. 

If you choose to include additional counselling, then you will need an extra 1 hour for the first session, and an extra half hour each 2-3 weeks after that. But the additional support, motivation, and impact will make the time investment worthwhile!

If you choose to join the Thriving Together Community, then you’ll need an additional 1 hour per fortnight to attend webinars and group calls. 

Yes! You can access all course materials including videos and PDF downloads for as long as this platform is offered. You will be provided with a notice period if the platform is closing for any reason so that you can revisit any material you wish to.

No. All advice provided in this program is general in nature, and not specific to your circumstances. I will not be aware of your medical history or personal circumstances, and therefore cannot provide specific medical advice.

If you require any medical guidance during the program, you will need to see your own doctor, or you can book a 1:1 burnout counselling package. If you register for the additional counselling, then you will receive personal medical advice in the counselling sessions only, but not from this program. 

If you have been diagnosed, or suspect you may suffer form, a mental illness such as depression or anxiety, then this program may not be suited to you. I suggest booking a 1:1 counselling package so that we can make a plan that suits your personal situation. 

REGAIN confidence.
reach your potential.

If this has gone on long enough, and you know now is the time to do something about it, register today and begin your journey to managing imposter syndrome.