With Dr Amy Imms

A 4-week journey to regaining control of your time and your life so that you can prevent burnout, or begin to recover from burnout.

burnout is exhausting

If you feel constantly tired and overwhelmed, with a never-ending to-do-list, then you're not alone. It feels like everyone else is managing okay, while you drown in chaos, clutter, meetings, and endless emails. Even moreso with the added pressures of COVID-19. It leaves you depleted, unproductive, and irritable. You don't find the same joy in life, or interest in the things you used to. And you feel guilty or selfish if you try to make time for yourself.

you are resilient

You are not feeling like this because you're not good enough, not strong enough, or a failure. You have shown strength and resilience as you've battled on with these challenges for months, years, or even decades. The problem isn't you. The problem is that the demands put upon you are greater than the resources you have to meet them.

You don't have to feel like this forever.

With some guidance and support, you can draw upon that inner strength, intelligence, and capability, to achieve what you want from your life and work.

I know what it's like

After burning out myself, I made it my mission to provide others with the support I couldn't find for myself. Since then, I've seen countless people for burnout counselling, run workshops, provided education to workplaces, spoken at conferences and events, published my book 'Burnout: your first ten steps', and appeared in print and online media publications and on the radio. As well as helping individuals overcome burnout, I help to shape how organisations prevent and manage burnout, and to spread awareness of this critical issue in our society today.

it's time to make a change

I've drawn together all the best parts of my counselling and programs I've run over the years, and condensed it into a 4-week program that helps you to regain control over your time and life. It empowers you with what you need to know, and guides you through practically implementing strategies into your unique life.

grow your toolkit

This program gives you the tools you need to reclaim control of your time, manage your workflow, reduce stress, and feel connected to a meaningful life. This online program will allow you to learn these tools at a time that suits your busy life, with encouragement and support to get it done. Even after the program is finished, you can go back and revisit the information and tools again and again when you need it.

Personal support

My only aim in all of this is for you to achieve these results. That's why I don't just give you access to the program modules and let you go for it on your own. You can email me questions any time, and you have the option of purchasing additional 1:1 counselling packages.

How It Works?

I have drawn together the best parts of my 1:1 burnout counselling, workshops, my book, and countless hours of research, and condensed it down to only the critical things you need to know to achieve the results you want fast.


You will gain the tools and strategies you need to begin your burnout recovery journey by regaining control of your time, managing stress, reducing overwhelm, and rediscovering meaning and joy in your life.


You can email me any time throughout the program for support and to ask any questions you have at your convenience. I will be there to guide you and provide the help you need to make the changes you need to make. Note that this support will be relatively general in nature and will not constitute any medical advice.

optional counselling

1:1 support is available at any time during or after the program, and you receive priority bookings for telehealth counselling packages. Further details below.

Imagine if you could recover from burnout...


As you become less overwhelmed and feel more in-control, you will be able to concentrate better, be more efficient and productive, and make clear decisions.


You will regain the time and emotional energy to reconnect with family and friends, and strengthen those relationships with appropriate boundaries in place.


You will feel more confident and worthy, and receive the respect you deserve. You will stop putting yourself last, and learn to prioritise your own needs.


You will rediscover those things that used to bring you fun and joy. You will find the time to invest your energy in the parts of life that bring you meaning and fulfillment.

Join me online for this amazing 4-week journey. You owe it to yourself to prioritise your wellbeing for once.
You can regain control of your time and your life. Together, we will make it happen.
Dr Amy Imms
Founder of The Burnout Project

I highly recommend completing this program alongside individualised burnout counselling.

Having the right information is only the first part of overcoming burnout. Unless it is put into action, changes just don’t happen. Putting things into action is easier said than done. You’re busy, exhausted, and life already feels overwhelming. Having someone working alongside you will help you to plan specific ways you can incorporate strategies in a sustainable way, and make the changes you need.

Counselling provides intensive personalised guidance, and accountability and motivation to achieve your goals.

You can purchase a 3 month counselling package now, in combination with the Overwhelmed To Empowered program, at a discounted rate. This involves an initial 1 hour appointment, followed by five fortnightly half-hour appointments. Find out more about the counselling package here.

Overwhelmed to empowered onlinE program

$257 AUD

Overwhelmed to empowered Program + 3-month counselling package

$1457 AUD

Frequently Asked Questions

You can begin this program any time! The program is self-paced, and you can email me any time if needed. You will receive emails each week relevant to the upcoming module, but you can take things slower if you need to. 

This program is delivered entirely online. Each week you will be given access the the next module. Each module will have videos and PDF downloads to guide you through the information and help you apply it to your own life.

I know you’re busy and exhausted, so I’ve carefully selected the content to maximise your results in a time-efficient way. You’ll only need 1 hour each week to complete the content. This is at your own pace, and you can break it up into small snippets of time if you need to. 

If you register for the additional counselling package, then you will need an extra 1 hour for the first session, and an extra half hour each fortnight. But the additional support, motivation, and impact will make the time investment worthwhile!

Yes! You can access all course materials including videos and PDF downloads for as long as this platform is offered. You will be provided with a notice period if the platform is closing for any reason so that you can revisit any material you wish to.

No. All advice provided in this program is general in nature, and not specific to your circumstances. I will not be aware of your medical history or personal circumstances, and therefore cannot provide specific medical advice.

If you require any medical guidance during the program, you will need to see your own doctor, or you can book a 1:1 burnout counselling package. If you have registered for the combined program-counselling package bundle, then you will receive personal medical advice in the counselling sessions only, but not in emails relating to program support. 

If you have been diagnosed, or suspect you may suffer form, a mental illness such as depression or anxiety, then this program may not be suited to you. I suggest booking a 1:1 counselling package so that we can make a plan that suits your personal situation. 


If this has gone on long enough, and you know now is the time to do something about it, register today and begin your journey to burnout recovery.