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The Thriving Together Community provides a safe space for you to make the changes you need, so that you can make the changes you need to live the life you want. 

I'm Dr Amy Imms, a medical doctor, author, and founder of The Burnout Project.

I've been supporting people to recover from burnout for over 6 years, and so many people come to me saying "I thought I could do this myself, but it's just not working", "I know what I need to do, but I just can't seem to make it happen", "I manage to put some things in place that help for a few weeks, but then a big deadline comes or we get sick, and it all falls apart again", "Everyone else seems to manage somehow… what's wrong with me?".

There are four key things that help people 'stuck' in this situation to really be able to move towards recovery...


A safe and private environment in which you can debrief, share, and receive guidance, encouragement and accountability.


Guided burnout-specific support that helps you identify exactly what future you want to be working towards, and what your specific next steps need to be.

consistent action

Planning, encouragement, accountability, and trouble-shooting, so that you can take consistent action towards burnout recovery.


Support and connection with both burnout experts as well as others who are experiencing similar challenges, so that you can truly see that you're not alone, you can debrief, and you can learn from the experiences of others.

Every month, you'll receive resources on a different topic which will help you to prioritise your wellbeing, recover from burnout, and make the changes you need. At group calls you will learn as part of a big group, and then have the opportunity to discuss and share with your own small group. Small groups will be carefully curated, and you will be place with a group that's really suitable to who you are and what you're facing.

This community is ideal for you if you:

what you receive

Join us in the Thriving Together Community

Group calls

Group calls are a safe space for learning, growth, connection, reflection, and planning. They create some gentle accountability to help you take action and achieve your goals.

'Burnout: your first ten steps'

You will receive a PDF copy of 'Burnout: your first ten steps' by Dr Amy Imms, which is a practical guide to burnout recovery specifically designed for busy, exhausted, burnt-out people. Use the complimentary printable workbook to track your action and progress!

Written materials

Each month you will receive both visual and written resources to guide you and help you to implement what you learn.

webinar library

You will have access to past Thriving Together webinars on a range of topics. If you have extra time and energy to invest in your wellbeing right now, or want to dive deep into a specific topic, you'll have resources at your fingertips.

bonuses for annual members

If you choose to invest in a full year of membership, I congratulate you for prioritising your wellbeing! You will receive some extra bonuses…

overwhelmed to empowered course

You receive complimentary access to this popular online course, which provides a solid framework for addressing burnout and making sure that you have a comprehensive and structure approach to creating the work and life you want.

bi-annual planning masterclass

Every 6 months, we make sure your path to wellbeing is heading in the right direction. We spend a weekend afternoon together reflecting, planning, and setting carefully-planned goals.

thrive 2021 content

You have access to the incredible presentations, interviews and written pieces from Thrive Symposium 2021! These cover a huge range of topics, and provide inspiration and encouragement as well as practical tools and tips.

one month free!

When you join us for twelve months, you'll only pay for eleven! Making sustained change takes regular consistent action, so I provide one month free to encourage you to continue to prioritise yourself. You can't always put everyone else first!

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