Thriving Together


The cornerstone of this community is the small, carefully-curated support groups. 

When you join us, I will chat to you about you and your needs, and match you to a group which will best suit you and your goals. 

These groups require absolute 100% confidentiality so that they are a safe space. 

Many of my clients are senior professionals – CEOs, senior medical consultants, politicians. Vulnerability in these positions can come with personal and professional risk, and leave them with no-one to talk to.

This is where these groups become incredibly powerful.

Finally, there is a safe space in which you can open up, share struggles, and hear honest accounts from others facing similar challenges. 

If you commit to this community, you will:

  • Feel supported, and not isolated any more
  • Rediscover time and energy for the things in life you love and care about
  • Stop saying ‘yes’ all the time
  • Implement practical strategies to manage time, priorities, tasks and people
  • Create steady, sustainable, effective changes in your life. 
  •  Feel that life and work are sustainable long-term

Burnout is lonely, exhausting, and discouraging.

This community is here to change that. 

Instead of living in a world where it seems as though everyone else ‘has it all together’, you will have a trusted group who are open and vulnerable with their struggles. 

Instead of your health and wellbeing coming last because you’re always so busy putting everything and everyone else before you, you will know that every single month you will dedicate a minimum of two hours to your own health.

And if you’re not there, showing up for yourself, I’ll be contacting you to check-in on how you’re doing and what I can do for you. 

Meet dr amy imms

I’m Dr Amy Imms, a qualified medical practitioner.

I’ve been working in the field of burnout for over 6 years.

I know what it’s like – I’ve been burnt-out myself, and experienced the challenges of recovery.

I made it my mission to provide for others the support I couldn’t find for myself.

My mission is to help you manage burnout so that you can live a life that is meaningful, fulfilling, enjoyable, and sustainable.

I l0ve running group programs because they are a powerful environment for change, growth, and motivation.

I hope you join me, and allow me into the privileged position of helping to guide you on your journey.

What's included?

Monthly webinar & resources

Every month an evidence-based theme provides the framework for a webinar and PDF resource package, which provides the springboard for your next action steps.

monthly group call

Within your safe small group, we will trouble-shoot issues, answer questions, set goals, celebrate successes, and encourage and motivate one another. You will build invaluable connections, and you can continue these between calls in a private Facebook group if you wish.


Whenever you want to dive deeper into specific topics, you have access to a plethora of resources including online courses, a PDF of my book 'Burnout: your first ten steps', Thrive Symposium content, and links to quality external resources.

additional counselling available

If you want 1:1 support at any stage, community members have priority access to burnout counselling appointments with Dr Amy Imms. If you need help, I will make time for you. This provides an opportunity to address sensitive issues, challenges which require more intensive therapeutic work, or problem-solving complex issues. This is only available to people living in Australia, and occurs online via Zoom, and incurs an additional fee.

[Please note, Group Calls are generalised health advice only and do not constitute a doctor-patient relationship.]

guidance from Dr Amy Imms

A note from Amy

I’m a big believer in the power of community as we manage burnout. Overcoming burnout doesn’t  have to be lonely journey. Join together with others, and let their support and guidance lift you up and carry you through.

I love working with groups because I see the change in people as they connect with others going through similar experiences, and grow through the collective sharing of wisdom and experience. 

Having the courage to be vulnerable isn’t easy, but so much can be learnt through it. In a safe space, with professional guidance from myself, you will receive continued encouragement and support so that you can make the changes you need to make to live the life you want.

When you commit to showing up for yourself, and committing 2 hours a month to your wellbeing, I commit to you in return. I’m there for you during the group calls, but I’m also there behind the scenes. If you have specific needs or challenges, I’m there for you finding resources, curating workshops, sourcing guest speakers… whatever it is to get you the support, information, and results you need. 

Together, we achieve so much more than alone.

Every month you get thousands of dollars worth of value, for less than most people pay for a haircut or a meal out.

thrive community options…

- thrive together -


Total monthly value is over $1000, plus access to over $2500 worth of online programs, resources, and intensives.

- thrive annual -


Total monthly value is over $1000, plus access to over $2000 worth of online programs, resources, and intensives. Plus discounted events and masterclasses, and 2 months FREE saving you $394.

[Please note, Group Calls are generalised health education only and do not constitute a doctor-patient relationship.]

this community will help you to...

gain self-awareness

Learn more about yourself and how things got to this point, so that it can guide your future.

set effective goals

Set achievable goals that will lead you towards the life you want to live

stay motivated

We all know how hard it is to continue finding time and energy to make changes and develop new habits. Regular gatherings and accountaibility will keep you on track, and pick you up when you fall down.

regularly check-in

Regularly review your wellbeing, and adapt your responsive wellbeing actions, so that you're getting optimal benefit with minimal time and energy investment.

expand your toolkit

Learn and practice new strategies and tools that relate to your specific challenges and goals, and be supported as you expand your skills and turn them into new habits.

make decisions that serve you

Receive guidance and collective wisdom as you make decisions about what you do with your valuable reserves of time and energy, and how you live this life.

Start changing your life today

Let us become your community.

You Deserve It

Your wellbeing is important, and if you don’t prioritise it, no-one else will. As a human being, you deserve rest, nurturing, and the opportunity to meet your needs and live by your values in a way that brings you meaning and fulfillment in life.

How much is your wellbeing worth?
What does it cost you to do nothing and still be in this place in one, five, or twenty years?