Dr Polly McGee: The parts that burn, the parts that shine: an IFS perspective on burnout and self-leadership

Dr Polly McGee (they/them) is an author, therapist and trauma-informed leadership specialist. With over a decade working in leadership program design and delivery across public, private, university and NFP sectors, Polly now splits their time between facilitating groups large, small and individuals on their leadership, organisational and personal reset pathways. Polly has a PhD in Gender Studies and a Masters in Counselling + Psychotherapy.

Polly will be joining as as one of our Thrive In Action workshop facilitators on the weekend of June 3rd-4th, so please join us in an online small group environment to dive deeper and learn more about how the inner workings of your brain influence your life and contribute to burnout (and can help you recover from burnout!).

See more of Polly on her website or LinkedIn.